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Budgeting and Fiscal Management

Student affairs professionals need to have an understanding of and appreciation for the many aspects involved in managing resources for the implementation of student affairs programs and services.  Professionals should have experience in developing and defending a budget that shows thought out allocation of funds and good stewardship of the allotted money.  Professionals also need to be proficient in performing all necessary tasks for accessing and managing the overall budget. 

Budget at Cal Poly Pomona, FHS

Budget at Azusa Pacific University

Walkabout Transportation Budget

Budget at Cal Poly Pomona, FHS:

When I started my job as an RD at Cal Poly Pomona, one of our tasks was to determine how we would use the $13,000 budget we were given.  I had the opportunity to work with my supervisor and the two other RDs to divide the money that we had among opening weekend, door decs, programming for the Village as a whole, programming for individual Community Advisors, staff development opportunities, supplies, and various other areas.  This was one of my first experiences in coordinating and managing a budget.  I learned a lot simply from being involved in this process and listening to my supervisor's thoughts regarding budget.  During the year, I helped to track the budget by keeping record of both my spending and the spending of my Community Advisors.  Every month, I turned in a budget summary sheet of my expenses.

Budget Spreadsheet-Cal Poly Pomona, Foundation Housing Service

Budget at Azusa Pacific University:

During my time at APU, I have had the chance to determine how I will spend the money given to my living area.  Each year, I have been in charge of approximately $6,000-$6,800.  At all times, I have $250 of petty cash that is out in my name; this gets turned in/recycled often throughout the year and is the operating money from which the majority of my budget is spent.  This money is used for opening weekend preparation, supplies for the living area, living area programs, individual RA programs for their residents, and various other living area needs.  As the RD, I have been responsible to divide this money appropriately.  It has been a learning experience for me to learn both how to divide the money and keep track of the money that either myself or my staff spends.  I have gained experience in filling out petty cash reports, expense reimbursements, and budget summaries.  To help keep me on track with my budget, I created a spreadsheet showing how the money is spent and tracking how much money is left in my budget.  I also turn in a monthly summary of my expenses at APU.

For the 2004-2005 school year, the Residence Life department wanted to help the RDs with their budgeting abilities.  As a result, spreadsheets for all each individual RD were created to help keep track of their living area budgets.  I had the chance to help with this process, and in many ways, the spreadsheets that the RDs are now using are modeled after the spreadsheet that I created during the 2003-2004 school year. 

Each year, I have also been in charge of a $750 staff development budget for my living area RA staff.  The money from this budget is used to build up my staff and encourage them throughout the year.  Examples of how this money has been used include staff retreats, dinners out at the end of the year, and various activities during staff meetings. 

2003-2004 Budget Spreadsheet-APU

2004-2005 Budget Spreadsheet-APU

RA Budget Forms-APU

Expense Reimbursement Form-APU

Petty Cash Form-APU

Walkabout Transportation Budget:

Walkabout is a 13 day backpacking trip in Yosemite/Ansel Adams wilderness that the APU Residence Life department requires all RAs and RDs to participate in.  Each RD is given various responsibilities in order to assure that everything runs smoothly for this program.  For the past two years, I have been in charge of coordinating the transportation for this event.  As part of this job, I have been responsible for the emergency money (approximately $1,100) and gas receipts that are used during the trip.  After Walkabout was over, I sorted through all of the receipts for both gas and emergency money and returned them to the appropriate offices.  This process involved turning in petty cash reports showing where/how the money was spent.

Petty Cash Form-APU

Emergency Packet Information

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