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Effective Campus and Community Relationships:

It is important that Student Affairs professionals have the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of students, staff, and faculty.  This includes both relational and professional competence in working with people from different departments and cultural backgrounds,, a variety of people in many institutional roles, and being a representative of the university to the community in which one lives.  Effective campus and community relationships also include the ability to relate student concerns to the appropriate campus department. 

Counseling Center

Campus Safety Office

City Links


Faculty and Administration Relationships

Panel Participation

Counseling Center:

One of the efforts that I have made to maintain positive and effective working relationships with others on campus has been investing in my relationship with the Counseling Center.  The Counseling Center is one of the offices that Residence Life works closely with throughout the year.  Often, I have students in my building that I refer to the Counseling Center for various reasons including eating disorders, depression, relationship concerns, boundary issues, and suicidal ideations.  For me, it is important that I maintain a good partnership with this office.  I know that this office plays a crucial role in helping students succeed when they are struggling.  As an RD, my hope is to support them in any way I can and partner with them in serving our students.   

One of the ways that I keep this relationship up to date is by meeting with a counselor from the Counseling Center on a consistent basis.  During our meetings together, I spend time asking questions, getting to know the counselor personally, as well as asking for advice regarding situations occurring in my building.  We also spend time brainstorming ways that our offices can better work with our students and with one another.  Another way of working closely with the Counseling Center is by promoting the services the Counseling Center provides by publicizing their group counseling efforts. 

APU Counseling Center

Campus Safety Office:

Another office that I have worked closely with at both Cal Poly Pomona, Foundation Housing Service and Azusa Pacific University is the office of Campus Safety.  The Campus Police at Cal Poly Pomona often helped the RDs break up parties, deal with fights between residents, and simply be a presence to deter crime.  Campus Safety at APU helps deal with the same type of situations as at Cal Poly as well as creates a presence helping students feel safe while on campus.  As an RD at both of these institutions, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the officers.  I have learned a lot about how to best support and help them, as well as when to call and ask for their assistance with a situation.  The help that the Campus Police and Campus Safety Officers provide is invaluable.  Their presence and support helps so much in making my job as an RD easier.  Often, these officers can deal with the tangible emergency situations at hand, allowing me to deal with the student development and counseling needs of students who may be involved. 

An example of my partnership with the Office of Campus Safety at APU can be illustrated by a situation that occurred at the end of the 2003-2004 school year.  At the end of the year, during finals week, the students were getting very out of hand - setting off fireworks, dry ice bombs, throwing water balloons at students on campus, and simply being disrespectful to the overall campus community.  One night, the students' actions were completely out of control; none of the students were listening to the requests of Campus Safety, and Campus Safety was short-handed in dealing with the situation.  As a result, Campus Safety called several of the RDs and asked for our help in dealing with the situation.  As a result, I ended up walking around campus and being a presence throughout the middle of the night.  The RDs worked alongside of Campus Safety to help them control the atmosphere on campus.  We were able to talk with students, help deal with the situation, and work to create a better atmosphere on campus.  After this night, the Chief of Campus Safety wrote a letter to the RDs who were involved thanking us for our efforts.    

Letter from Chief of Campus Safety

APU Office of Campus Safety

Cal Poly Pomona Office of Campus Police   

City Links:

City Links is a day that the students from APU work in the community by serving at local community centers, schools, and churches.  They complete a large variety of tasks including building a community garden, restoring the river, helping with cultural events, and painting.  This is an event meant to build up the relationship that APU has with the cities of Azusa and Glendora.  It is a chance for students to get involved in hands on projects that serve the community in which they live.  After the service projects, there is a festival for residents of the community.  The festival provides games, food, face painting for kids, pony rides, and other events celebrating the partnerships that APU has with the community.

For the past two years, I have been privileged to partner with the Ministry and Service Office at APU to help with this event.  My RA staff volunteers their time to set up for City Links, prepare for the festival, and serve in any ways that are needed.  This has been such a great opportunity for me to support both APU as well as the community that I live in.  It is a tangible way for me to show that I value what the Ministry and Service Office works for as well as value the people in the community. 

City Links - 2004

Ministry and Service Office

City Links Reflection


One of my professional goals for this year is to be intentional about the relationships that I have with other offices on campus.  My goal is to visit and learn what an office is doing every month; as a challenge to myself, I want to be intentional to visit offices that I do not interact with normally in the course of my job.  The offices that I hope to learn more about include the Office of Student Success (orientation), Multi-Ethnic Programs, Career Center, Health Center, Campus Pastor's Office, Student Life, and any other offices that I may encounter.  By gaining an understanding of these offices, I want to learn ways that I can support them.  I also plan to see what they are doing and simply make connections with other professionals and students on campus.  I believe it is important that I know and understand what other offices on campus offer the students; this will allow me to better be able to refer students to the appropriate people on campus who can help meet their many needs. 

Faculty and Administration Relationships:

As a Residence Director (RD), one of the main aspects of my job consists of programming for students living on campus.  For various events, I have had the privilege of working with faculty and administration from different departments on campus.  For example, I had a faculty member from the department of Christian Ministries come and speak at an event on balance and boundaries.  Recently, the women RDs planned an event on women in leadership.  For this, I asked Azusa Pacific University's Chief Financial Officer to come and speak as part of a panel.  I have been learning the value of exposing both my students and I to perspectives outside of Student Life.  Working with Faculty and Administration has been great in that I have become more familiar with other facets of the university. 

Women In Leadership E-mail

Panel Participation:

During my time in the College Student Affairs (CSA) program, I have participated in panels titled "Careers in Student Affairs" and "Balance".  The "Careers in Student Affairs" panel gave me the chance to express my experience as a student in Azusa Pacific University's CSA program as well as my experience working in Residence Life.  As the new professional in the panel titled "Balance", I discussed my experience in learning how to draw boundaries with students, find time for my family, and balance a life full of school and a full time job as a Residence Director.  These panel presentations helped me gain experience presenting before other people - both strangers and my peers.  They also allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities as well as helped in validating my personal learning and experiences. 

Careers Day Flyer

Balance Flyer

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