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Philosophy of Student Affairs

 My philosophy of student affairs focuses on building relationships with students that promote their self-understanding and development socially, emotionally, academically, personally, and spiritually.  I value working with students as they learn lessons occurring outside of the classroom, while at the same time, helping students bridge the gap between their in class and out of class learning.  I believe that during college, students make decisions that have a lasting impact on how they view the world and interact with people around them.  My hope is to help students process their experiences and choices in an effort to assist them in learning more about themselves and who they want to be in life. 

As a professional in student affairs, my role includes empowering students to take responsibility for their choices, work well with others in society, and learn to value differences in people around them.  In the midst of encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions and think for themselves, I want to challenge them to learn the importance of seeing other people's perspectives, even when they may not agree with them.  I desire to create a safe place where students can ask questions openly and sort through the joys and struggles of being a young adult. 

Most importantly, I believe in the life change that happens within the context of relationships.  I hope to walk alongside of students and simply be an example and role model for them.  My desire is that the students I interact with would know that they have unique gifts and talents that they can offer other people around them.  I also want to lead students by being appropriately vulnerable about my life and what I have gone through.  I truly believe that I will have the greatest impact on the lives of students when I allow myself to be real and honest. 

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