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A Student Affairs professional needs to be able to use technology in their own personal and professional development as well as a part of interactions with students, staff, and faculty.  Technology skills may include the ability to use e-mail, video conferencing, electronic databases, multi-media use in presentations, the use of the internet and online resources, and experience with web-design.     

Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Village View Publications

Website Creation - Microsoft FrontPage

Internet Skills, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Access Database: 

As a part of my independent study in which I co-wrote an article with John Hoffman titled, "Predicting College Success with High School Grades and Test Scores: Limitations for Minority Students", I created a Microsoft Access database to help organize the information for the literature review.  This database allowed me to sort information by various categories.  It was helpful when writing the literature review because it reminded me of what articles held specific types of information.  This was also helpful because the database included all of the APA citation information for the articles used in the research.  This database kept information organized and accessible.  It was much easier to create and use the Access database than to try and sort through information by looking at paper alone. 

I had never used the Microsoft Access database program before this writing project.   I was able to learn a new program and gain valuable experience which I believe will transfer to other jobs.  Microsoft Access is a program that I will use in the future to organize information regarding judicial cases, resident contact information, etc.

Access Database Created for Article

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets:

Part of my job as a Residence Director involves creating and maintaining a budget for my living area.  As a way of helping me keep track of the money I spend, I created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet includes detailed categories to closely track the money that I have spent and the money that I have left.  It also uses fairly complex formulas to keep track of the numbers and transfer information to a summary page.  Although I had some experience with Microsoft Excel, my understanding of this program has grown immensely as I have worked as a Residence Director.  I am learning the value of using programs to help me stay organized.  Though it takes time to understand the dynamics of programs like Microsoft Excel, it is worth the effort.  My budget spreadsheet was used as a model to create a universal budget spreadsheet for all of the Residence Director's at APU.

Microsoft Excel Budget 2003-2004 - Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel Budget 2004-2005 - Spreadsheet

Village View Publications:

As a Resident Director at Cal Poly Pomona, Foundation Housing Service, I helped create a monthly publication titled the "Village View"; each of the Resident Directors was responsible to create four Village View publications during the year.  This newsletter contained information for the residents in the living area.  It had sections on people working in the Village, important dates, upcoming programs, information from the Director, and random other information.  I grew in my understanding of the Microsoft Publisher program as well as my understanding of how to create a relevant newsletter for the population with which I work.

Village View - September, 2002

Village View - March, 2003

Village View - June, 2003

Website Creation-Microsoft FrontPage:

I have had the chance to create two websites as requirements for the College Student Affairs (CSA) program at APU.  The first website was created during my Intro to CSA class.  This site helped me learn the basics of web creation.  It included very general information about me, school, friends, and family.  The second website is the one that you are looking at currently.  This website was created to show my learning and experience in 12 competency areas while I have been in the CSA program.      

Creating websites challenged me.  I had never before worked with any sort of web-design.  Microsoft FrontPage was actually a fairly easy program to learn and understand.  The skills I gained through working on the websites will be helpful and relevant as our society is becoming more and more dependent on the internet.

Internet Skills, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft PowerPoint:

Other technology skills that I am comfortable working with include the use of the internet for research, Microsoft Outlook as a means of communication (mainly through e-mail), and the use of Microsoft PowerPoint when presenting information to others.  These skills have been developed both in my job as a Residence Director and as a student in the CSA program.  For many of the papers that I have written, I have used APU's online library database to do research.  In my job, I use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis; this program allows me to easily send e-mails to those I work with as well as helps me stay organized due to use of the calendar and appointment scheduler.  In many of my classes, I have played a role in creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics. 

APU's Library Database

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