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Visionary Leadership

Student Affairs professionals need to be able to communicate their vision with others working with them and for them.  True visionary leadership encompasses being able to develop solutions to problems, seeing the needs of the people one is working with, recognizing when someone else's expertise is better than one's own on certain topics, and having the ability to inspire others to work towards a common purpose.  Visionary leadership is a skill that I believe I will develop throughout my career; I will continually be learning and growing in this area. 

2002-2003 Cal Poly Pomona (Foundation Housing Service) Community Advisor Training

2003-2005 Resident Advisor Training at APU

Community Advisor (APU) Expectations and Job Description

Staff Development Opportunities

Canned Food Drive - Cal Poly Pomona, FHS

2002-2003 Cal Poly Pomona (Foundation Housing Service) Community Advisor Training:

As a Resident Director (RD) at Cal Poly Pomona, I had the chance to create the Community Advisor (CA) training in coordination with two other RDs.  CA training encompasses the following elements: expectations of a CA, discipline/judicial procedures, policies, programming models and expectations, advertising training, conflict mediation, etc.  We did most of the training in these categories ourselves, but for certain topics, we partnered with other offices such as the University Police, emergency planning office, and the cultural centers (African American Student Center, Asian and Pacific Islander Student Center, Cesar E. Chavez Center, Native American Student Center, and The Pride Center) in an effort to create partnerships on campus and use the wisdom that other professionals could offer the CAs. 

As a part of this training, we also planned a staff retreat for the 13 CAs.  During the retreat, we focused on staff development and team building.  This was a time for our CAs to get to know one another and learn to work together as a team.  Our goal during this time was to have fun together and build relationships with one another to provide support for the year. 

Because all of the RDs were new to our positions, and nothing was left for us from past years of training, we had complete freedom to design and organize CA training the best ways that we saw fit.  One of our main objectives during training was to give our CA staff a foundation from which to build.  We wanted to create an inclusive environment where our students could ask questions and grow throughout the year.  CA training was the start of our journey together. 

Training Schedule

Mediation Training

Confrontation Training

2003-2005 Resident Advisor Training at APU:

During the two weeks of Resident Advisor training, I met with my staff during the afternoons in order to cover information particular to Engstrom Hall, my own expectations as the RD, as well as any other information that I deemed necessary to training.  During our individual staff times together, my emphasis was on communicating a vision for the year, working with them to create a vision and mission statement for Engstrom, working with them to get Engstrom Hall ready for opening, and simply creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere where we could all get to know one another on a deeper level.  Training has always been a time for me to encourage my staff to think about why they are choosing to work with students.  My desire is that I would have the chance to help them see the impact they can have on the lives of others if they take their jobs seriously. 

2003-2004 Vision/Mission Statement

Community Advisor (APU) Expectations and Job Description:

One of the students that I have on my staff at APU is in a position titled "Community Advisor".  This student's main responsibility focuses on working with Engstrom Hall's Living Area Council (LAC).  This is a group of students who take an active role in programming and seeing the needs of students in the building. 

Because the defined role of the Community Advisor had generally been vague and left up to the interpretation of individual RDs, I had the chance to create my own expectations for this role.  As the year continued, I saw a need to help bring some sense of consistency to the expectations of Community Advisors on APU's campus.  When the time came to hire staffs for the 2004-2005 year, I served on the RA selection committee and was able to create a job description for the role of the Community Advisor.  In order to do this, I talked with the RDs of the living areas on campus that also have Community Advisors.  I took the information that was common to all of our expectations and helped formulate a job description.

My Personal CA Expectations

CA Job Description

Staff Development Opportunities:

While working at APU, I have begun to see a need for the RAs to be exposed to various ideas within the field of residence life.  I want our students to have a well-rounded perspective of what student affairs is and what other schools are doing to meet the needs of students.  Because of this, I proposed that we start making opportunities available for the RAs to experience conferences outside of APU.  Two of the conferences that I have worked to get our students to attend include "Careers in Students Affairs" and "Southern RAP".  Staff development is an area of development that I am working to make more accessible for the RAs at APU.

Careers in Student Affairs Registration

WACUHO - Southern RAP

Canned Food Drive - Cal Poly Pomona, FHS:

This was an event that I planned and organized during my year at Cal Poly Pomona.  I wanted to encourage our students to see the world outside of themselves and help others in need.   As a result, I planned a Village wide canned food drive.  We took the food to the Pomona Valley Inland Council of Churches food bank located in downtown Pomona. 

For this event, I also created a contest between CA buildings.  The CAs' buildings who collected the most food/cans were rewarded with a pizza party.  This was a great incentive to residents and gave them extra motivation to participate in the event!

Food Drive Thank You Letter

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